What We Do
Making it brilliant

From an online bookstore, to the worlds grandest market place. From a garage based computer development company to a world leader that is changing lives.

These great minds shared many great qualities, vision, perseverance and work ethic expand

ATHC is more than a publicly traded company determined to make a buck. ATHC core values, beliefs and fundamentals revolve around today’s great visionaries, the great leaders of tomorrow. For young entrepreneurs, we offer funding assistance, guidance and investment capital In return for reasonable equity, commitment and unparalleled work ethic. Ingredients for success.

The world is changing fast we want to be a part of it. Our products revolve around worthy partnerships which in return just may produce the leaders of tomorrow. We are not google Ventures, we are simply a small group of fascinated individuals that decided to be a part of that change in this world.

ATHC economies of scale enable to develop technology at reasonable costs while leveraging expertise and contacts for effective execution. The Company intends to create shareholder value by monetizing equity retained by ATHC.  The management of ATHC is driven, committed and experienced in building infrastructure for startups. The carefully selected founders will continue to develop their vision.


Our mission is to create a pioneering business model and take a leadership role in institutionalizing investment in the regional venture capital market.

By forging enduring strategic partnerships, we aim to provide support and encouragement for the growth and development of the under-served small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs).

Core Principals

Technology and its advancement is absolutely central to human progress. Entrepreneurs who create new technologies and technology companies are improving the standard of living of people worldwide.

Our job as venture capitalists is primarily to support entrepreneurs by helping them build great companies around their ideas.

Target Companies and Projects

Above all else, we are looking for the brilliant and motivated entrepreneur or entrepreneurial team with a clear vision of what they want to build and how they will create or attack a big market. We cannot substitute for entrepreneurial vision and drive, but we can help such entrepreneurs build great companies around their ideas.

Philosophy and Approach
The future isn’t built by dreamers. It’s built today, by doers. It’s crafted by people who live on the edge of cultural trends and understand where things are heading. Building tomorrow is the work of many hands and minds, not one person alone. And the future hinges on the support of a partner who understands that. At Accelerated Technologies we believe tomorrow is built today. We aim to maximize shareholders’ value.


We are hugely in favor of the founder who intends to be CEO. Not all founders can become great CEOs, but most of the great companies in our industry were run by a founder for a long period of time, often decades, and we believe that pattern will continue. We cannot guarantee that a founder can be a great CEO, but we can help that founder develop the skills necessary to reach his or her full CEO potential.


We believe that the product is the heart of any technology company. The company gets built around the product. Therefore, we believe it is critical that we as investors understand the product. We are ourselves computer scientists and information technologists by experience and training; therefore, we plan to focus on products in the domain of computer science and information technology.


Building a great company is a team sport — including the selection of the best possible set of investors and advisors for a specific opportunity. We have been lucky enough to work with many of the industry’s best investors, advisors, mentors, and coaches over the last 20 years, and we look forward to continuing to be a great partner to all of them.


Our investment domain today: consumer Internet, business Internet (cloud computing, “software as a service”), mobile software and services, software-powered consumer electronics, infrastructure and applications software, networking, storage, databases, and other back-end systems. Across all of these categories, we are completely unafraid of all of the new business models

Ryan S.
Burger Bandit
Lynbrook, NY.

ATHC has been instrumental during our reopening process. Our restaurant operations have become significantly more efficient and our revenues are steadily growing as promised. The systems are user friendly, affordable and a definite must have.

Nicko K
Uncle Gussys

Accelerated Technologies Holding Corporation “ATHC” has been instrumental during our COVID reopening and expansion phase. The consulting staff is creative and innovative. The technology is user friendly and effective. ATHC has enabled us to streamline operations and maximize efficiencies. ATHC has been able to provide marketing strategies and our revenues have significantly increased.


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